12% more passengers at Sofia Airport in October




In October 2015 Sofia Airport served a total of 357 978 arrived and departed passengers, which was 12 % more as compared to the same month one year earlier.


Terminal 2 was used by 62% of passenger throughput or 222 thousand passengers (+2.9%). Terminal 1 marked a 28% increase in passenger throughput reaching 133 thousand served passengers for one month.


Junior Eurovision Anthem was performed at Sofia Airport

The performance of “Discover” the theme song of Junior Eurovision marked the official opening of the performance sequence of children’s musical groups at Terminal 2 that will “warm-up” Junior Eurovision 2015 for two weeks.

About 70 children of different musical groups took part in the performance and despite the fact that they had not rehearsed it together, as true professionals, they captivated the audience with their talent and perfect performance.


Sofia Airport in support of Junior Eurovision

Two weeks before the beginning of the prestigious song contest hosted by Bulgaria for the first time, from 9 November (Monday) until 20 November (Friday) the Junior Eurovision warm-up acts begin at Terminal 2.

Every day popular children’s musical groups will sing for the passengers and visitors to the largest international airport in Bulgaria. The performance sequence will start on 9 November at 1:00 p.m. when representatives of all musical groups will perform together the official anthem of Junior Eurovision 2015 – Discover.


A pride of lions "took over" Terminal 2 at Sofia Airport

A pride of six adult lions and one cub strolls freely around the Atrium of Terminal 2 at Sofia Airport. No, this is not the scenario of a Hollywood action movie or a sensational headline of the tabloid press. The lions are not real, but they are made of paper and are part of an exhibition of the Bulgarian office of FOUR PAWS. With this exhibition the International animal welfare organization would like to raise awareness about the fate of thousands of big cats, who are still kept in captivity all over the world.


Musical performance at Sofia Airport for the National Enlighteners Day