Important information before your flight

Plan your journey

  • Do not go to the airport if you have the following symptoms: Fever, Cough, Shortness of breath, Loss of Taste or Smell; 
  • Ensure you have enough medical face masks for your journey;

To the airport

  • Leave enough time to allow for checks and new procedures;
  • Follow cough etiquette and wear a medical face mask to protect yourself and your fellow passengers;

Departure airport

  • Ask airport or airline staff if you have any questions or concerns; 
  • Check in online if possible, bring everything you need for your journey and have all documents ready;
  • Make sure to practice physical distancing, wear a medical face mask and expect to be refused boarding if you don’t;  

On the plane

  • Practice hand hygiene, follow cough etiquette and wear a medical face mask;
  • Watch the cabin safety demonstration to be aware of specific instructions for your flight;
  • If you feel ill while travelling, inform crew and seek medical care as soon as possible;
  • Limit your movement in the cabin to that essential for well-being;

Arrival airport

  • Practice physical distancing, hand hygiene and cough etiquette and wear a medical face mask;
  • Reduce the risk of virus transmission by minimising interaction with people in the arrival terminal;