Covid laboratory, innovative interior and modern restrooms will meet Sofia International Airport`s passengers

Within days, Covid-19 laboratory will open doors at Sofia International Airport, Terminal 2. All travelers will be able to do a PCR or rapid antigen test, as well as other tests at competitive prices. For the convenience of passengers before their trip, the result of the PCR test will be ready within 2 hours, and the antigen – in 20 minutes.

To ensure the safety of passengers, the management of SOF Connect has made big efforts and in very short terms Sofia International Airport was certified by the International Airport Council (ACI World and ACI Europe) with the highest degree of operating in the coronavirus conditions. The health accreditation received, evaluates the best world practices for health and safety, applied at Sofia International Airport. These include all aspects of passenger services and airport activities - cleaning and disinfection, health control, ensuring physical distance and space to protect staff and passengers along with communication and awareness.

For enhancing passengers` experience actions have been taken to improve the sanitary facilities and hygiene conditions. All restrooms will have completely new design and touchless soap dispenser, sanitizer and water, due to COVID-19 requirements. The repair process is started and it will be completed in stages, in order not to affect the passengers` comfort.

 “At the same time, we are working on key projects that will create more convenience for travellers. Design, selection of contractors, quality achievement and sustainable solutions takes time, but the results will be for the wellbeing of the passengers, "said Jesus Caballero, CEO of SOF Connect. “We make every effort to offer travellers the best in response to modern requirements for comfort, service and safety,” he added.

In September innovative furniture modules with integrated charging stations for mobile devices at Terminal 2 will be installed. Surprises for the little ones at the airport are the safe and modern children's playgrounds, which are in progress.

Vending machines that will be installed in the next days will provide food and beverage options to cost-conscious passengers. To address the summer climate, the airport is adding cold drinks assortments to the shops, which will also be available in the arrival shops in the baggage belt area where passengers are waiting for their luggage. New dining and shopping offers will create a unique experience for the passengers.

The uniforms for employees, involved in passenger service, have already been ordered and will soon be delivered, serving for better recognition and corporate identity.

The management of SOF Connect, for whom safety and security of flights and passengers are the top priority, is working hard to improve the airfield condition. Within a short period of time, the asphalt layers were replaced on different airfield areas. A modern technology is being used to remove deposits from the tyres (landing gear) of landing aircrafts, which is important for improved braking on wet runaway. Such cleaning has not been done at Sofia Airport for many years. New paint marks were made on the runaway, apron and stands. Although these activities are not visible for passengers, they are essential for the safe operations of the airport and the flight service.