Bulgarian aviation club opened at Sofia Airport

Today Sofia Airport opened a Bulgarian aviation club with a museum exhibition. The initiative for its establishment came from the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Sofia Airport, Bulgarian Airlines Association, BULATSA, Bulgarian Civil Aviation Veterans Alliance and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association – Bulgaria.

Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Georgi Todorov opened the club together with its founders and greeted the multiplicity of veterans who attended the event.

Sofia Airport Executive Director Hristo Shterionov spoke about the club founders’ idea and aims: “Our idea for the club establishment is to provide space for our former and present colleagues to meet, communicate and discuss topics of common interest, and the exhibition will differ from the traditional aviation thematic exhibitions. On a rotational principle we will expose exhibits related to all activities characteristic to the overall aviation services.

The book “Four Brothers and One Sky” about Stamenkovs aviation family was presented at the event.

Children from two Sofia kindergartens showed their exhibition comprising drawings on the theme of “I dream to fly”. “Their presence here, together with the Bulgarian aviation veterans, embodies the continuity between generations, which in fact is the primary aim of our initiative.”, Hristo Shterionov said and gave certificates of gratitude to the directors of the kindergartens for attending the event and lots of presents to the children.

The book by Andon Andonov – “Four Brothers and One Sky” about Stamenkovs aviation family was presented at the event.

The Bulgarian aviation club is located in the old Terminal 1 “Departures” building. A specialized library offers albums of pictures presenting important moments for “Balkan” airline and books and magazines with an aviation theme as well.

The exhibition includes various objects related to different aviation activities. Photo wall with unique pictures shows important moments from Bulgarian aviation history. The flags of the Bulgarian-Soviet Transport Aviation Corporation (TABSO) and the flag of the first pilot graduates in civil aviation can be viewed. The radio station used during the first civil aviation flight in 1947 can be found amongst the exhibits.