Attractive Commercial Area and New Standards in Cleaning at Sofia Airport

The management team of SOF Connect, driven by the idea to increase the quality of services and provide better passenger experience, will implement a new business model based on the best global airport practices. The decision has been taken after an overall analysis, parts of which are the many recommendations and critical comments from passengers. These are related to the cleaning of the terminal buildings and servicing, organization and commercial area`s image.

„Best passenger experience is the aim we want to achieve, completely transforming the commercial area at Terminal 2 till the end of 2022. Our guests will enjoy an exceptional offers and variety of brands and products. In most European airports high-quality commercial services and cleaning are performed by companies, specialized in the field. This type of management of activities is essential to provide the best quality of services that will elevate Sofia Airport to a modern and attractive airport," said Jesús Caballero, CEO of SOF Connect.

For travellers, especially in a pandemic environment, it is very important to maintain high levels of hygiene and standards in cleaning to ensure safe and secure travel. The new business model is in line with the high expectations of passengers.

Tenders for the selection of contractors for commercial and cleaning activities are to be initiated. Companies that have proven their professional attitude and expertise in their respective fields will be approached. A key requirement towards the potential contractors will be to employ all current staff, engaged in the performance of the above activities.