"Aviation School" at Sofia Airport on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of BULATSA

Sofia Airport dedicated the February edition of the "Aviation School" initiative to the 50th anniversary of the state-owned enterprise "Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority"(BULATSA). The event was opened by Asya Ivanova, Chair of the Board of Directors at Sofia Airport, Vladimir Rapondjiev, Executive Director and Ivan Dyaksov, Deputy Director General of BULATSA.


Aviation School

This year’s first lecture at the Aviation School was attended by children of 125th High School Prof. Boyan Penev. Lecturers from Sofia Airport told them what they need to know and to prepare before travelling by air. The pupils learned that there was a special alphabet in aviation and used it with great interest to spell their names.


Sofia Airport with cancelled flights to Frankfurt and Hamburg due to strikes


Today, 15.01.2019, airlines Lufthansa and Ryanair cancel the following flights to and from Sofia Airport:


LH1429, departing from Sofia to Frankfurt at 06:50

LH1426, arriving from Frankfurt to Sofia at 13:40

LH1427, departing from Sofia to Frankfurt at 14:25

LH1428, arriving from Frankfurt to Sofia at 22:15


FR6405, departing from Sofia to Hamburg at 17:30

FR6406, arriving from Hamburg to Sofia at 23:10.


For more information, please contact your airline.


Sofia Airport Aviation School celebrates one year anniversary

The "Aviation School" started with a celebration of its first birthday. Children learned about the actions Sofia Airport takes to protect the air and the environment, while performing its operational activities. Sofia Airport is the only one in the country that is part of ACI Europe's International Airport Carbon Accreditation Programme and with a second level certification – management and reduction of carbon emissions. The theme of environmental protection has not been chosen at random.


Emergency training exercise at Sofia Airport

Today, a planned full-scale emergency exercise was conducted on the territory of Sofia Airport with the participation of external services and institutions.

During the exercise, Sofia Airport functioned in normal mode of operation, without any flight delays.