Writer Lyudmila Filipova at "Aviation School"

Lyudmila Filipova, one of the most popular contemporary Bulgarian writers, was a special guest lecturer at the April edition of Sofia Airport’s Volunteer Initiative "Aviation School".

Liudmila Filipova's life and professional path is colorful and varied. She is an economist in education and the author of many novels. She has participated in three Bulgarian Antarctic expeditions. She is currently studing for a Masters degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics, and she is also the coordinator for Bulgaria of the most ambitious international Moon mission programme after NASA's Apollo programme.

During the meeting with Lyudmila Filipova the children had the opportunity to learn more about the outer space and the surrounding universe, as well as curious facts about the space missions and experiments. Of particular interest to the children was the story of the writer about the aircraft of the future, as well as the technological advancement of mankind in the sphere of cosmonautics.

After the "interstellar" tour, the children got acquainted with the work of the largest Bulgarian airport and received certificates of participation in the airport's educational programme.


"Aviation School" is the first of its kind volunteer initiative at a Bulgarian airport. The main goal of the project is to inspire the interest and imagination of children and to introduce them to the vast world of aviation. Since the start of the project in November 2017, hundreds of children of various schools in Sofia have been able to feel the magic of aviation. The initiative was awarded a special award by the Bulgarian Airlines Association.