Strong first trimester of 2015 for Sofia Airport


During the first three months of the year Sofia Airport serviced a total of 866 786 departing and arriving passengers achieving a 4.6 % increase as compared to the first trimester of 2014.

Most passengers travelled on international scheduled flights – a total of 792 712, marking a 6.0 % increase on an annual basis. That positive result was achieved with the contribution of Wizz Air, Air Serbia, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Qatar Airways, LOT Polish Airlines.

Passengers on domestic flights equalled to 26 425, only 850 less than the passengers in the same period of 2014.

As a result of the larger number of direct flights to Sofia, including low-cost carriers’ flights, the number of organized tourists continued to decrease. For the period between January 2015 and March 2015 charter flights to Sofia were used by 43 710 passengers, a drop of 15 % as compared to previous winter season.


Aircraft movements

Growth of 4.3% was registered in the number of aircraft movements handled at Sofia Airport.

A total of 9 834 aircraft took off and landed at the airport during the first trimester of 2015 as compared to 9 428 in the previous year.

That growth concerned mainly international scheduled flights, where foreign air carriers hold a 72 % share.

A larger number of domestic flights were operated – a total of 403 for that period, which marked a 6.9 % increase as compared to last year.

Liveliness could be observed in general aviation sector, where a 37 % increase was achieved with 168 more aircraft movements since the beginning of the year.

Tourist charter flights continued to display negative tendency, while cargo flights showed a tendency towards fleet consolidation accompanied by parallel decrease in the number of flights.



During the first three months of 2015, a total of 4 122 tonnes of cargo and mail shipments were processed at Sofia Airport, which marked a 2.2 % increase compared to 2014. The major part of cargo flow (55 %) was carried on cargo aircraft, the volumes in that segment reaching an 11 % increase on an annual basis.


March in figures


Sofia Airport ended March with 3 441 aircraft movements, 304 995 arriving and departing passengers and 1 469 t of loaded and unloaded consignments. The increase according to each of those three indicators, as compared to the same month one year earlier, equalls respectively to 6.1 %, 4.2 % and 0.5 %.

International scheduled flights were used by 95 % of the passengers at Sofia Airport. Passenger flow in that segment achieved proactive growth of 6.2 %.