Sofia Airport with record-breaking results in the last three months of 2016


In the last three months of 2016 Sofia Airport a total of 1 380 813 passengers, which forms a record increase of 43% as comared to the same period last year. Passengers on international scheduled flights grew by 45% as a result of the newly launched direct routes.


Aicraft movements

For the period October – December 2016 a total of 13 670 aircraft departed and landed at Sofia Airport, which is a record 28% increase on annual basis. Again the most significant increase of over 33%was achieved in international scheduled flights.


Cargo and mail shipments

The positive trend is maintained with respect to the cargo flow processed at Sofia Airport marking an increase of 13% with processed 5 974 t for October – December 2016. Increase in cargo was 14% and in mail shipments – 2%.