Sofia Airport with over 4 million passengers in October

Two months before the end of the year Sofia Airport jumped over the record-breaking 4 million passengers (4 076 897). In October passenger numbers increased by 33% (477 323) as compared to the same period last year. Passengers served at Terminal 1 doubled their numbers reaching 262 thousand. Terminal 2 saw 215 thousand passengers.

The number of passengers on international scheduled flights increased by 35%, the domestic flights also marking an increase of 4% compared to October 2015.

Growth of 26% was also marked by charter flights to the tourist destinations of Greece, Turkey and Egypt.

In October aircraft movements were 4 774 or 24% more than the same period last year. Out of them, 92 % were passenger, and 3% – cargo aircraft.

Cargo also reached an 18% increase in October. A total of 1 905 t of cargo and mail shipments were processed, the increase being 19% in cargo and 10% in mail shipments as compared to the previous year.