Sofia Airport has returned 604 lost items since the beginning of the year

For the first nine months of the year, Sofia Airport returned 604 lost or forgotten items to their owners from a total of 1 300, and the remaining ones are not picked up yet. By comparison, throughout the year 2016, 1 162 items were found. The owners of 616 of them have picked them up, while the others are still waiting for their owners.


The statistics for the last four years indicate that from the beginning of 2013 until the end of September this year the total number of lost or forgotten items is 4 565. Of these, more than half are returned to their owners and the unclaimed ones are stored in special premises . For the specified four-year period, 353 laptops, 225 smartphones, 128 tablets, 111 iPads, 49 cameras, and other items have been returned. Apart from the mentioned items, large amounts of money have also been returned – RUB 178 500, EUR 16 222, BGN 10 010, GBP 4 302, CAD 4 200, USD 580.


Other frequently forgotten items include: watches, personal documents, glasses, belts, baby strollers, clothes, tools, jewelry and wallets.


The employees responsible for the lost or forgotten belongings remember interesting stories related to the returning of some of them. Such as the story about a couple who forgot an engagement ring at Sofia Airport. On board the aircraft they found out it went missing but thanks to the rapid response of the Airport Security Department the engagement ring was found and returned to its owner. That time is a relative concept is reminded by lady’s watch forgotten in February 2016 and returned a year later. Another curious case this year is related to a forgotten backpack with passports and documents, CAD 4 200, USD 250, BGN 221 and a tablet, which were returned immediately to their owner.