Sofia Airport entered into a cooperation agreement with Chinese company

Hristo Shterionov, the Executive Director of “Sofia Airport” EAD, concluded a cooperation agreement with Chinese company “East Like Information Technology Service”. The event in Shanghai was attended also by Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communication Anton Ginev. The visit was made in the period 2-6 March in the People's Republic of China.

Sofia Airport will receive software and hardware product free of charge, as well as its maintenance for 5 years. Its implementation will enhance the operating efficiency of employees, shorten the time for performing core operations and reduce the costs. The agreement provides for the construction of a wireless system all over the airport that will facilitate the transfer of data and information. Passenger will also benefit from that project since they will have access to better Internet connection at the terminals.

Funding is provided from the Chinese government under the Programme for Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries (16+1).

The technology is implemented at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Sofia Airport will be the first one in an EU country to implement such technology.