Sofia Airport with 43% more serviced passengers in January


During the first month of the year Sofia Airport saw the record-breaking 468 968 passengers, which is 43% more as compared to the same period in 2016.

The highest increase of 69% was achieved in passengers at Terminal 1, reaching 216 000. Passengers at Terminal 2 increased by 28% as a result of the transfer of part of Ryanair flights from the old terminal to the new one in the middle of the month.

In January passengers on charter flights were 27% more compared to the same month of 2016, and passengers on domestic flights had a 13% increase on annual basis.


Aircraft movements

The total number of landing and departing aircraft at Sofia Airport in January 2017 reached 4 529, which is growth of 25%. The share of scheduled international flights and domestic flights was 87%, while charter flights, cargo and business aircraft had 3% each.



During the first month of the year Sofia Airport processed a total of 1 539 t of cargo and mail shipments, which equals to a 17% increase on annual basis.