Sofia Airport with an “Ambassador of Tourism” award

For 13th consecutive year the authoritative “Tourism and Recreation” magazine gave its annual awards. Sofia Airport won a “Golden Prize” in the “Ambassador of Tourism” category. The award was handed out to Mrs. Asya Ivanova, a member of the Board of Directors.

„I accept this award as a recognition for our work”, Mrs. Ivanova noted. Our largest airport provides year-round connectivity of our country to different parts of the world. “Our activities and tourism are in direct correlation”, she emphasized. “Only for the last year the number of airlines operating at Sofia Airport increased to 28, the number of direct routes to 49 and the year ended with a record – more than 4 million served passengers. This means more tourists as well.” Mrs. Asya Ivanova said.

She underlined that those achievements came as a result of many years of hard work. As long as 4 years ago, Sofia Airport was the first one to introduce special incentive discounts on airport charges for the introduction of new scheduled and seasonal routes. Using its guest lounges, the airport develops specialized products designed for travel agencies and event tourism companies. Furthermore, every year Sofia Airport takes part in the global and regional traffic development forums presenting the tourist potential of the destination of Bulgaria.

Mr. Ivanova noted that the promotion of Bulgarian talents, as well as the presentation of our national traditions and heritage constituted an integral part of our corporate social responsibility policy and for that reason the airport and park areas more and more often turn into a stage for cultural events.