"School of Aviation" at Sofia Airport

On the National Enlighteners’ Day, November 1, Sofia Airport started an educational project titled "School of Aviation". The project was inspired by Mrs. Asya Ivanova, Chair of the Board of Directors of Sofia Airport, who is also its patron.


“It is a great pleasure for me to mark the launch of the first ever volunteer initiative at Sofia Airport on the National Enlighteners’ Day. We have attracted well-established professionals from the aviation sector to present the beauty and responsibilities of their profession in an intriguing way that is easy to understand by children.The "Aviation School" volunteer initiative is directed towards children and it is a great challenge to unlock their curiosity and to develop their passion for aviation," Mrs. Ivanova said during the presentation of the initiative.


During the first lecture, the children learned curious facts about the universe, the history of aviation and how aircraft had changed over the years. They also had the opportunity to see how the largest international airport in Bulgaria works. At the end of their "first flying lesson", young aviation enthusiasts received certificates of participation handed over by the management of Sofia Airport.


The "School of Aviation" initiative will continue throughout the entire school year. Once a month, pupils from different schools in Sofia will visit Sofia Airport. During the separate lectures, prominent professionals will share their stories and introduce the children to various curious facts from the vast world of aviation. Pilots, flight attendants, engineers, physicists, aviation psychologists as well as Sofia Airport employees will share their experiences to fire children’s imagination. Some of the lecturers who will participate in the project include: capt. Yanko Georgiev, Mario Bakalov – A380 senior first officer, Krasimir Stoyanov - head of the Aerospace Center with planetarium, aviation psychologists Elena Pancheva and Desislava Georgieva, director of the Accident Investigation Unit at MTITC Hristo Hristov, chairperson of the Aviation-Space Forum Nedislav Vesselinov, photographer Ognyan Stefanov, as well as the famous contemporary writer – Lyudmila Filipova.