Roses for passengers arriving at Terminal 2

For a fourth consecutive year the passengers and visitors to Sofia Airport received oil-bearing roses from the land of Panicherevo village, Stara Zagora district.

Rose blossoms picked up early in the morning are fresh, a bit moist from the dew and with intense specific fragrance. This fragrance could be sensed in the public area of Terminal 2 and contributed to the cheerful mood of passengers.

Young volunteers gave roses to the arriving passengers, tucked them in their hair and lapels, made pictures with them and told passengers about the rituals – rose picking, rose boiling and rose oil producing.

Imported into Bulgarian lands in the beginning of XVIII century from the Middle East, today Rosa Damascena turns into an emblem of our country.


In the past Rosa Damascena was grown only in Kazanlashka valley, where soil and climate conditions were favourable. It is cultivated in many countries (Greece, Cyprus, California), but nowhere else it produces so precious oil as in the Rose Valley. The oil-bearing rose is a perennial plant that can be grown at one place for 20-40 years. The rose starts to blossom in mid-May and continues until mid-June. Thousands of flower blossoms need to be processed for the production of a single drop of oil. Rose oil is considered to be the liquid gold of Bulgaria.