Romantic moments on St. Valentine’s Day at Sofia Airport

A joint project implemented by Sofia Airport and the French Cultural Institute on occasion of St. Valentine’s Day raise the spirits of passengers at Terminal 2.

On 14 February at 1 p.m. the passenger gallery was filled with music by Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, Scriabin and Tchaikovski. The romantic music was played by Fidosi Kerchev, a young pianist with prestigious awards from international competitions and solo player in Shumen Symphony Orchestra. The piano provided by the French Cultural Institute will remain at Terminal 2 until 19 April for everyone wishing to play the piano while waiting for their flights.

Such projects have been carried out at other European airports, for example, Prague, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. They attract considerable interest and enjoy vast social media coverage.

On St. Valentine’s Day the guests to Pliska and Preslav Lounges were welcomed with special surprises. The couples in love received a bottle of quality wine by leading Bulgarian producers.