Pilot cap. Yanko Georgiev at Sofia Airport’s Aviation School

During the last edition of the "Aviation School" Volunteer Initiative, children from schools in Sofia met with cap. Yanko Georgiev, a pilot and executive director of Bulgaria Air.

In a curious way, he presented interesting facts to the pupils about the pilot's profession and the personal challenges he had managed to deal with. The children had the opportunity to see the Aviation Club, to take a closer look at the aircraft exhibited near Terminal 1, to learn more about aviation, and to ask their questions to cap. Georgiev. Also, evidence of their interest was their desire to receive an autograph and to take a picture with him.

The June edition of "Aviation School" was the last one for this school year. “The first volunteer programme initiated by the Chair of Sofia Airport Board of Directors of - Mrs. Asya Ivanova was attended by many pupils from different schools."

During the next school year, the project will also continue to stimulate the interest and imagination of children in the aviation profession by meeting them with established names from the aviation world.