Pilot and journalist Alexander Bogoyavlenski at "Aviation School"

Alexander Bogoyavlenski, a well-known journalist and aviation expert, was a special guest lecturer at the May edition of Sofia Airport’s Volunteer Initiative "Aviation School".

During the meeting, the children learned why and how we can fly, got acquainted with the different types of aircraft and understood what they need to know if they want to become pilots. The children saw how the largest international airport in Bulgaria operates and, at the end of their "first aviation lesson", the young aviation enthusiasts received certificates of participation that were handed over by Sofia Airport management team.

"Aviation School" is the first of its kind volunteer initiative at Sofia Airport. The main goal of the project is to inspire the interest and imagination of children and to introduce them to the vast world of aviation. Since the start of the project in November 2017, hundreds of children of various schools in Sofia have been able to feel the magic of aviation. The initiative was awarded a special award by the Bulgarian Airlines Association.