Photo Exhibition of Dancing Bears Park

Until mid-April at Terminal 2 atrium passengers and guests to the airport can view a photo exhibition on Dancing Bears Park established in Belitsa 15 years ago under a project of the International Animal Welfare Organization.


The Bulgarian office of the organization - “Four Pawns”  presents 60 photos telling the story of the park from the first rescued bears in 2000 – Kalina, Mariana and Stefan, to the last bears that found sanctuary the previous year – Gabriela and Nasko.


Until the end of the last century dancing bears practice in Bulgaria was followed by several gypsy families. Dancing bears could be viewed in the streets of Sofia, at seaside resorts or at large gatherings. After a German TV broadcasted a documentary about the cruel training methods used by bear leaders, attempts were started to put an end to that performance and bring animals back to their natural environment. Thus Belitsa Park was established, where for 7 years all dancing bears in Bulgaria were gathered, and in 2009 the last three dancing bears from the Republic of Serbia found their new home in the park.

Every year the Dancing Bears Park that is one of the most remarkable sites in Southwest Bulgaria is visited by thousands of tourists.