Mario Bakalov with а lecture at Sofia Airport

At the February class of Sofia Airport Volunteer Initiative – "Aviation School", children from Sofia city schools met with Mario Bakalov, the pilot of the largest passenger aircraft Airbus A-380.

During his lecture, the senior first officer told the pupils of his long and successful "flight" to the fulfillment of his childhood dream of becoming a pilot, and of what he liked best about that profession. Using video and photos, he showed different moments from piloting and landing the largest passenger aircraft at Sofia Airport. Also, children were introduced to the profession of a flight attendant - an integral and important part of each aircraft crew. The great number of questions to lecturers was indicative for children's interest.

Our young guests received autographs and certificates of a completed course in the “Aviation School” initiative.


Sofia Airport Volunteer Initiative – "Aviation School" started on November 1, 2017. Once a month, well-known names in the aviation sector tell children from different schools in Sofia in accessible and intriguing language about their professional responsibilities. In this way, the "Aviation School" aims to spark children's imagination and curiosity and to stimulate the interest of pupils in aviation professions.