The first Bulgarian cosmonaut at Sofia Airport Aviation School

Georgi Ivanov, the first Bulgarian cosmonaut, was a guest at the March edition of the Aviation School on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his flight. At the invitation of Sofia Airport, children from his native town of Lovech came to the event thus the volunteer initiative expanded beyond Sofia city limits.

The first Bulgarian cosmonaut described what it was like to be in space – what effort should you make to get there and what it is like to see the Earth from above as well as the challenges he and flight captain Nikolay Rukavishnikov faced in 1979.

The flight became fundamental for future space research and the development of space technology and placed Bulgaria among the countries with a significant contribution to the field of cosmonautics. It became the sixth country to send a person into space after the USSR, the US, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and the GDR. During the flight, a very broad scientific programme was implemented including various experiments in several scientific fields: space physics, remote space exploration of space, space biology and medicine, and microgravity technologies. The children learned more about space food, the creation of which is one of our country's greatest achievements in relation to space flights.

After the fascinating stories of Georgi Ivanov, children took a close look at the activities of Sofia Airport. At the end of the meeting all received diplomas for their successful participation in the "cosmic" edition of the initiative, personally handed over by the Chair of the Board of Directors – Asya Ivanova who is a patron of the Aviation School initiative, Executive Director Vladimir Rapondjiev and the first Bulgarian cosmonaut – Georgi Ivanov.