Exhibition at Sofia Airport

As of 6 February 2015 the airport hosts photo exhibition with theme “Tolerance” organized by Infinity Opportunities Association. 88 photographs are exhibited showing different events all over the country held under the motto “Smile from Bulgaria”, “What is love to us?”, “No Hate” and others unified under the theme of tolerance.

The projects were implemented in partnership with Bulgarian and foreign non-governmental organizations.

The idea of organizing the exhibition is one of the last projects of the association carried out in partnership with the National Centre" European Youth Programmes and Initiatives" - "[email protected] Caravan". The project aims at fighting racism, xenophobia, words of hatred and intolerance in society.

Sofia Airport supports those ideas, what is more, its territory is crossed by people of different nationalities and different religions.

The exhibition is open for a month and it can be viewed in the public area of Terminal 2 by all visitors to the airport.