Coloured floor markings help passengers find their way more easily at Sofia Airport

As of today, floor markings in different colours will make it easier for Sofia Airport passengers to find their way to the city transportation links. Those measures are part of the actions undertaken by Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Ivaylo Moskovski for reducing the cases of passengers misled and deceived by dishonest taxi-drivers in the airport region.

The three paths are marked in different colours and have different graphical design. They will lead passengers to the separate means of transportation they desire to use.

Yellow is the colour used for the floor marking leading to the taxi stand area of the taxi company having an agreement with Sofia Airport. That practice is used in many countries in order to minimize the unregulated activities of some taxicabs.

Blue is the colour used for the floor marking leading to the metro station that provides fast and convenient connection to Sofia centre as well as to large residential complexes.

The floor marking leading passengers to the bus stop is indicated in red colour. Bus lines Nos 84 and 384 run on the route on an all-day route.

World practice shows that colour visualization together with graphic representation of transportation modes help for the better orientation of arriving passengers and facilitate them in their choice of transportation mode.