7.5% more passengers compared to last October


In October Sofia Airport serviced a total of 320 117 arriving and departing passengers at both airport terminals achieving a 7.5% increase on annual basis. Airlines operating from Terminal 2 serviced 62 % of airport passenger flow, while the remaining 33 % used Terminal 1.

International scheduled flights formed 95 % of passenger traffic at Sofia Airport. They marked a steady 10 % growth with 302 724 serviced passengers as compared to the same month last year. The number of passengers on domestic flights was 11 608, which was 18 % less than October 2013.

Aircraft movements

A total of 3 810 aircraft departed and landed at Sofia Airport in October 2014, which formed a 4 % increase on annual basis. The 6 % increase in international scheduled flights was influenced by the larger number of flights operated by international airlines to Sofia.


In October 1 822 t of cargo and mail shipments were processed at Sofia Airport compared to 1 488 t for the same month in 2013 (+22%). The higher volume was due to several additional cargo charter flights operated during last month.