Passengers with reduced mobility (PRM)

If you have any disability or experience mobility difficulties and you are interested in travelling by air, Regulation 1107/2006 gives you the right to assistance adapted to your needs, in the territory of all airports throughout the European Union.
Аs a licensed airport operator, Sofia Airport provides assistance to all departing, arriving or transit / transfer PRM passengers free-of-charge. The assistance will be adapted to your mobility in a way prescribed by the Quality Standards.


National Enforcement Body concerning the rights of disabled persons when travelling by air - CAA


Passenger Personal Assistance Department

[email protected]

+359 2 937 2175  (08.30:17.00)
+359 885 840 150 (00.00:24.00 ч.)

If you have advised your airline/ tourist agent in advance that you need assistance, please
fill in the on-line application form below.

Request for assistance

Further information about assistance to passengers with reduced mobility at Sofia Airport is available via the link below.



Special requirements apply when children fly unaccompanied or accompanied by one parent only (children are considered all persons under 18). Please refer to your airline to inquire about necessary documents or any other related information.


Child Care

Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 together have 4 rooms designed according to infants’ needs, with a cot and á swaddling table.

A Child Care room in Terminal 1 is located in the public Departures area, immediately by the Newspapers and Magazines shop, and another one in the area after Passport Control, opposite Gates 1 and 2.

At Terminal 2, a Child Care room is located in the public Departures area, close to the PRM dedicated area, and another one in the restricted area, in the western wing at level +1, opposite Gate A1.

Guidance signage, with an inscribed text and a pictogram will take you there. The Child Care rooms at Sofia Airport are open between the first and the last flight. If locked and needed, please dial:

+359 2 937 2186 (for Terminal 1)

+359 2 937 3586 (for Terminal 2).


Any child under 12 is considered an unaccompanied passenger who flies without a parent, or custodian, or another accompanying passenger.

If you child will fly unaccompanied, you need to come to the airport with all required travel documents  not later than 45 min. before flight check-in closure. Your child will be handed over to our staff who will take personal care of him/her and accompany him/her  through all airport formalities at both airports (of departure and arrival) until he/she is delivered to the meeter.

To inquire about any necessary documents or further information in respect of the service, we recommend that you refer to your airline.

Travelling with pets

If you fly with a pet, you need to familiarise yourself with the veterinary and sanitary requirements it has to meet. These requirements are set out in the EU regulations below:

  • Regulation 577/2013/ЕС – on the non-commercial movement of pet animals (dogs, cats, and ferrets)
  • Decision 2007/25/ЕС – on the movement of birds
  • Directive 92/65/ЕС – on other pet animals

For further information, please refer to: