Málaga is a city in southern Spain. It is the second largest city in Andalusia and a big seaport.

It is located on the Mediterranean coast, part of the Costa del Sol and surrounded by mountains. The climate is mild and the average annual temperature is 19°C.

Historically, the city was founded by Phoenicians in the 10th century BC. In the 3rd century BC it fell under Roman rule, and in the 5th century it was conquered by the Visigoths. In the 8th century, when Spain was conquered by the Moors, Málaga became an important trade center within the caliphate of Cordoba. At the end of the 15th century, the city was captured by the Castilian army, putting an end to the Muslim presence in the area.

Malaga is known as the birthplace of painter Pablo Picasso. If you want to explore the entire city, you will need several days – for going to the beach, for a walk in the mountains, for the architectural monuments, for the museums and for the local cuisine.

Among the sights you should visit for sure are:

The Picasso Museum - The collection that is exhibited in the museum contains works from various periods of the artist – from his early periods to Cubism.

The Roman Theatre is Malaga's oldest landmark, but it was discovered only 55 years ago. It is located at the base of the hill that leads to the Alcazaba fortress, built by the Moors in 700 BC.

The port and the beach of Málaga – the port of the city is the second largest in the Mediterranean sea. To the east there is the Malagueta beach, the most famous beach of Malaga.

You can book a direct flight from Sofia Airport to Malaga for Tuesday or Thursday.