2000 years of history

Located on both sides of the Rhine River, Cologne is considered to be one of the oldest cities in Germany. Roman heritage is presented in the Roman – Germanic Museum that provides information about the history of Romans along the Rhine River. Middle Ages are incorporated in the city gates, the city chamber, and the archeological zone. The City Museum of Cologne displays exhibits from the Middle Ages until today.

Cologne/Bonn Airport is located in the city of Cologne, about 15 km from city centre and 16 km from the city of Bonn. The airport is a hub where many low-cost air carriers operate flights – more than 30 airlines provide services from the airport to more than 100 destinations all over the world. It is less than one hour from Frankfurt  and Düsseldorf airports. It provides fast railway connections – by “Thalys” trains to Brussels for less than 2 hours and to Paris for about 3 hours as well as by “Eurostar” to London for 4 hours.

Cologne Cathedral

The symbol of Cologne, the magnificent Gothic Cathedral is the most visited tourist attraction in Germany – with about 6.5 million tourists per year. The largest one in North Europe, the third highest cathedral in the world, it took more than 600 years to be built. There the tourists can see the Shrine of the Three Kings, which is a gilded and decorated with precious stones triple sarcophagus that is said to contain the bones of the Biblical Magi. The amazing stained-glass window designed by German artist Gerhard Richter consisting of 11 500 pieces of coloured glass of identical size can also be seen at the cathedral.

244 places of worship

The city with the largest number of temples north of the Alps – 244. The tour is called the Sacred Road – Via Sacra. It leads to 12 large and 13 small Roman Catholic Churches, some of them still in a restoration process after the war.

Over 40 museums

One of them is the tastiest museum – the Chocolate Museum. There you can see cacao trees, as well as the largest chocolate fountain of 3-metre height. Another famous museum is the Ludwig Museum housing a collection of contemporary art from the beginning of 20th century and often displaying temporary exhibitions of different collections.

The Carnival Museum provides information about the history and development of carnivals from their origin until today.

Cologne Carnival and Kölsch  beer

These are the traditions of Cologne.

The famous all over the world Cologne Carnival – “The Fifth Season” gathers more than one million spectators and participants and gives the city the name – the Capital of Carnival.

And „Kölsch“ is a typical local beer, one of the things that must be done not only during the carnival.

Colognes is said to be a city where everyone can find something. People say that it does not matter when you visit it. They say that some of the most open to the world and hospitable people live in Cologne. Maybe all that is the “Fifth Season”.