Called “the city of smiling people, free spirits and endless night life”, Bristol is located about 200 km to the west of London. Its population is over 400 thousand people. For those who want to escape from the crowded streets of London but prefer metropolitan atmosphere, that city combines everything together – medieval architecture, narrow cobbled streets in its old part, high-quality education and magnificent green parks. It is not a coincidence that Bristol was chosen for Europe’s Green Capital 2015 because of the efforts and investments made in environmental protection.

Bristol Airport is located 13 km south of city centre.  As of January 2016, the destination can be reached via direct flights from Sofia. Bristol Airport offers different means of transport: long-distance bus services, taxi services and rail service, the nearest railway station being BRS Express.

For the first time Bristol was mention as a town in 10th century. During the Middle Ages the town developed as a principal port, and in 16-17th century it turned into a famous trade centre.

Nowadays it is one of the best cities to live in the United Kingdom, with low unemployment rates and high levels of incomes.

Your attention is caught by the multitude of bridges, hills and channels, as well as by the spacious parks for recreation and the wealth of foliage. It is the first cycling city in the United Kingdom. Bristol’s music scene influences the trends in dance music during the last 20 years. The city is one of the most influential innovators when it comes to underground music. There everyone can find their favourite club with capacity of less than 200 people intended for covering specific musical tastes. From soul and reggae, through dubstep and drum n bass to rock concerts and big festivals gathering the entire city in the open. More famous are the festivals dedicated to school sports and culture, nature, kites and ideas, contemporary theatre, short film and animation, balloons, circus and puppetry.

Bristol – that artistic city measures time in its own way and welcomes everyone who wants to be different.