Located at the Adriatic shore, Bari is the main city of Puglia region. It is the second most significant economic centre in South Italy after Naples; nevertheless there are no big industrial enterprises there. Commercial, transport and tourism sectors are in the centre of city’s economy. Puglia region is the largest producer of agricultural goods in Italy (olive oil and wine mainly). Fish industry is also well developed.

The international airport in the city is named after Pope John Paul II – Karol Wojtyła. The direct flights from Sofia to Bari provide passengers with the opportunity to see the beauty of the city that is known among Bulgarian tourists mainly as a stop on the Igoumentisa – Bari ferry route. The city is charming and it definitely has a lot to offer to keen adventurers.

It is divided into four sections – an old one, a new one and two ports. The old city known as Bari Vecchia fascinates visitors with its narrow winding roads making tourists treasure discoverers.

The most precious treasures are St. Nickolas Basilica built in 1087. The relics of the saint are preserved in a tomb beneath the altar. Bari Cathedral is an example of Roman architecture in Puglia. The Swabian Castle was built in 12 century. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times, and nowadays it hosts different exhibitions.

Other landmarks that are of interest include the Russian Church built by pilgrims who went to Bari to see the relics in the St. Nickolas Basilica and the Botanical University Garden.

In the new city visitors can go shopping along the commercial streets – Via Manzoni and Corso Cavour. Along Corso Cavour Street accidently you will see the opera building – Petruzzelli Theatre – one of the most magnificent buildings in Italy after those in Milan and Naples.

Every year there is a festival in Bari that is dedicated to St. Nickolas, the patron of the city. Hundreds of people arrive to become part of the historical and religious celebrations.

Being in Italy visitors should definitely devote themselves to active culinary tourism. Tourists should obligatorily include in their menus pasta, pizza, focaccia, hot taralli and the unique Altamura bread that can be tasted in Bari only.

The wine should receive the necessary attention as well. Emblematic are the local wines – Gravina, Locorotondo and Gioia del Colle. Dessert wines of the Aleatico sort (reminding of our Muscat wines) are a wonderful end to an elegant meal.