As an airport operator “Sofia Airport” EAD identifies as its major priority the maintenance of high level of safety and security of flights, the provision of on-time flight schedule and the achievement of complete passenger satisfaction.

“Sofia Airport” EAD maintains the functionality of equipment and invests in the development of infrastructure and the implementation of new technologies

Furthermore, the airport performs a series of other supporting activities related to the provision of a wide range of products and services. Leading role is played by ground handling activities, for which “Sofia Airport” EAD holds all necessary licenses, technical equipment and certified personnel.

The ground handling activities performed in compliance with IATA standards include: passenger, baggage, cargo and mail handling services, ticket sales, aircraft cleaning services, de-icing services, aircraft balance and load control, fuelling, cargo and mail processing, including dangerous goods, live animals, valuable items and others. As a leading provider of ground handling services in Bulgaria, the company handles around 10 000 aircraft per year, which equals to 44 % market share.