About us

The Aviation Training Centre was established on 15 June 2004 with Executive Director’s Order as a permanently operating training centre focused at providing internal training to SOF Connect's employees. On 19.04.2021it was licensed by Directorate General “Civil Aviation Administration” as an “Aviation Training Centre” to “SOF Connect” AD with License No 22 and began providing training courses to employees from external companies.

The training centre occupies a separate building and has at its disposal three classrooms, as well as a room equipped with CUTE Workstations for processing passengers, a room with specialized software for computer-based training of x-ray operators and a room with a genuine checkpoint for searching passengers and baggage.


Our instructors are approved by DG “CAA” and they maintain their qualification level in accordance with company needs, national, European and international standards.

The instructors have attended training courses for instructors in international aviation training centres such as ICAO, IATA, ACI and others.


The Aviation Training Centre provides qualification and training courses to personnel engaged in:

  • Aviation Security
  • Ground Handling
  • Airport Operations

The courses in the ATC are conducted in accordance with programmes developed by the instructors.

The employees who finished successfully the respective courses receive certificates from the ATC in accordance with Ordinance No 27 of the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications.


The programmes developed by the instructors are approved by DG “CAA” and comply with the national, European and international requirements. The available courses can be downloaded from the link below.



Some of our customers include:

  • “Bulgaria Air” Airline
  • “BH Air” Airline
  • “Heli Air Services” AD Airline
  • „Burgas Airport”
  • „Varna Airport”
  • „Plovdiv Airport”
  • „Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport”
  • „Lufthansa Technik Sofia”
  • „Swissport Bulgaria”
  • „Goldair Handling”
  • „Orbit”
  • „DHL” and others



1 Christopher Columbus Blvd, Sofia 1540

[email protected]

Silvia Kuseva – Vladimirova

Chief Expert "Organization and control of training"

+359 2 937 3640

      +359 2 937 3566

Silvia Todorova

Chief Expert „ Standards, Technologies
and Service Quality”

+359 2 937 3646

      +359 2 937 3647

Sanya Dimitrova

Expert „Training, Standards and Quality of Airport Operations and Ground Handling”

+359 2 937 3644

      +359 2 937 3645

Yana Ivancheva

Expert „Training, Standards and
New Technologies”

+359 2 937 3642

      +359 2 937 3643


Emilia Georgieva

Expert „Training, Standards and Quality of Airport Operations and Ground Handling”

+359 2 937 3639

Ivan Penev

Chief Expert „Aviation Security”

+359 2 937 3641 


Dimitar Penev

Expert „Aviation Security”

+359 2 937 3641 


Elena Stoyanova

Expert „Aviation Security”

+359 2 937 3654