Airport operations

  • Organization, coordination and assistance during flight preparation, including flight documentation
  • Transportation, loading and unloading baggage, cargo and mail
  • Load control, telecommunications and data base
  • Aircraft interior and exterior cleaning
  • Aircraft de/anti-icing services
  • Aircraft toilet and water services
  • Ground power unit
  • Aircraft oxygen Services
  • Cabin heating
  • ULD management
  • Liaising with various local authorities, fuel suppliers, aircraft catering services
  • Hotel accommodation and transport for passengers and crews

  • Meet and assist for passengers and crews
  • Passenger check-in services
  • Baggage delivery to door courier service
  • Lost and found Services
  • Airport ticketing sales desk
  • Crew lounges

business hours:

Non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


[email protected]


Ground frequency: 118,7 MHz