The park spreads over a total area of 365 daa and functions as a differentiated zone for recreation and entertainment. Located around a natural lake with typical vegetation, the park zone provides harmonization between the new airport building and the surrounding area. The decorative plants from the lake to the Iskar River’s dyke serve as a natural link between the two water bodies. The network of alley has a total length of 2 000 meters.  There is an amphitheatre occupying an area of 590 sq m. located in the central part of the park zone.

The difference in the ground levels between the park and the airport maneuvering area provides peace and quietness to park visitors, without blocking the exciting view of the arriving and departing aircraft.

Sofia Airport T2 Park has all prerequisites to turn into one of the new Sofia outdoor stages for cultural events – including ones with international participants.


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Sofia Airport offers to take you beyond the visible surface of our operations. During the guided tour you will have a close look at the activities related to the airport services; you will be acquainted with the functions of the specialized equipment; you will have a new insight into the inner life of the airport complex.



Having passed through the required security screening into the restricted area, the 5-kilometre route will take you onto the apron, across the taxiways up to the runway and the bridge over the Iskar river. We will show you the unique engine run-up bay, and one of the best European aircraft overhaul facilities. Then, we will continue further by the airport cargo area and ATSA’s new traffic control tower. 

You have the choice between a basic route and an extended route, the difference being in their duration, resp. 60 and 90 min. While it covers all steps of the basic route, the extended one allows for a visit to the airport fire and rescue service with a simulated demonstration of fire and rescue operations. 


Due to strict security requirements, all tour attendants should provide in advance the personal details contained in their ID cards and they are requested to present their ID cards for verification on the visit day. A list of the items prohibited for carriage in restricted airport areas can be found at the link below.


Please make your registration request at least 10 days before the desired visit date by completing the online form or sending an e-mail at:

[email protected]

Telephone for further information:

+359 2 937 2065
We would like to inform you that all Sofia Airport guided tours are temporarily suspended.


During your visit to Terminal 2 you will be acquainted with all processes related to your trip – from ticket purchasing, through different flight check-in modes, to mandatory security control for passengers and baggage. You will be provided with detailed information about the duties and obligations of the airport professionals you meet during your guided tour.

The route is most appropriate for groups of children up to 12 years old.

Please make your registration request at least 5 days before the desired visit date by completing the online form sending an e-mail at:

[email protected]

Telephone for further information:

+359 2 937 2065

Organised tour tariffs:


The Airport Inside

Basic route, duration - 60 minutes:

  • 2 to 15 visitors - BGN 99.00 / EUR 50.40
  • 16 to 50 visitors  - BGN 176.00 / EUR 90.00

Extended route, duration - 90 minutes:

  • 2 to 15 visitors – BGN 136.12 / EUR 69.60                                                                                   
  • 16 to 50 visitors  - BGN211.22 / EUR 108.00



  • up to 20 visitors – BGN 35.20 / EUR 18.00


Prices include VAT

For weekend tours, the prices above are increased by 20%


We are open for exhibitions, art or interactive installations, concerts or other live performances, social cultural events or charity events, regardless of their format. The airport operator strives to create an atmosphere of comfort for the passengers so that they can enjoy a satisfying airport stay. For that reason Sofia Airport is often a preferred partner for hosting and promoting cultural events and initiatives of various themes and genres.

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