Aviation security

Access permits of individuals and vehicles for Sofia Airport airside facilities are issued after completing a request form, the Executive Director’s approvement and payment of the respective charge.


Additional information:

Access Control Office
Business hours: workdays from 08:30 to 17:00
+359 2 937 2705

Aviation safety

operations organiSation

The responsibility for organizing, managing and controlling the operations on the territory of Sofia Airport is born by the Airport Operator. Its relations with all other aviation operators, ground handling operators and other enterprises are regulated by operational rules, procedures and instructions in compliance with the provisions of the Civil Aviation Act and the regulations in force.

  • Procedures for interaction when using the spaces for operational stay and parking of vehicles at Sofia Airport here
  • Procedure for obtaining permit for driving vehicles – here;
  • Instruction on the rules for aircraft de-icing at Sofia Airport – here;
  • Procedure for using stands for aircraft long-term stay at Sofia Airport – here;
  • Procedure for interaction between operators during an emergency situation in the deicing process –  here.

Safety at the airfield

  •  „Safety Management System (SMS)” – publishing Sofia Airport’s SMS short version.
  •  Safety rules for ground movements on the territory of Sofia Airport edition 3.0, 2013 – here;
  •  Safety procedure for ground handling during unfavourable weather conditions at Sofia Airport – here;
  •  Airport Operator’s programme for auditting and inspecting the aviation safety of operations at Sofia Airport - here