Sofia Airport is the largest international airport in Bulgaria, which has a well-developed network of year-round air routes and upgraded infrastructure.

Bulgaria is a four-season tourist destination, which is becoming more and more popular. Find out more about the beauty, history, and culture of the country from the tourist portal

Bulgaria maintains a state of economic and political stability and offers liberalised access to markets of over 560 mln. users. What attracts foreign investors are the lowest corporate tax in EU, a simplified tax regime, low operational costs, and qualified work force. Important facts of the domestic economy are available at

Detailed information of the benefits to invest in Bulgaria is available at

The advantages of the geographical location and connectivity of the city and the region with the rest of the
world make Sofia a destination of high potential.
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SOF Connect is open for new partnerships with airlines which can expand the network of connections to regions in Europe with high market potential, such Scandinavia, the Baltics, CIS, and also to other continents. The favourable geographical location, modern infrastructure and attractive price environment of Sofia Airport predetermine a good basis for development of transfer traffic between the East and the West.




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Our main priority is to realise what our partners need, and approach them according to their individuality by offering suitable and flexible solutions for development of joint business ideas and strategies. Our comprehensive marketing support is open to all airlines, both new and existing, which contribute to the traffic development from / to Sofia Airport.

All our initiatives are supported by our reliable partners from the tourist industry.

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Over 35 airlines perform scheduled passenger and cargo flights, as well as seasonal tourist programmes from and to Sofia.

The 2019/20 winter timetable of Sofia Airport offers a choice of more than 30 airlines operating direct passenger flights to 70 destinations in Europe and in the Middle East.

Up-to-date statistics can be downloaded via the links below.

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Aviation services


Airlines can make a choice among licensed ground handling and fuelling operators.

List of licensed operators

SOF Connect AD is a ground handling operator offers the full range of ground handling services for aircraft, passengers, cargo, and mail, and  also aircraft fuelling and supply with lubricants.

Safe, fast and high-quality services, with care and attention to each customer is the motto of SOF Connect Ground Handling.



We offer various options for rental of offices and ticket sale counters, which can meet the individual wishes of each airline.


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